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Stock Reports


There is absolutely no limit to the number of stock items, which you can put into the system, as well as an unlimited number of stock prices (with associated unique names). Sales history can be visually monitored, by either bar graphs or pie charts. This feature is of particular interest to managing personnel.

POS (point of sale retail)

Our company is a recognized leader in the hospitality & retail sector with hardware support and maintenance services. We currently manufacture and develop products for a wide range of industries, including POS (point of sale retail), hospitality and general retail markets.

With over 15 years of experience in the POS, CCTV & Time and Attendance market. We have well-trained employees and daily innovative improvements to our software and hardware products. We provide the best possible sales and after-sales service, be it to top corporate or general retail clients.

Solution That you need!

We at Odyssey Software develop and support point of sale software, Time & attendance & CCTV products. Our POS system & CCTV products are aimed to incorporate user-friendliness and professionalism. With a point of sale and CCTV dealer network that spans countrywide and beyond our borders, we are able to sell point of sale products to both national and international customers.

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Tablet Point of Sale

Our Point-of-Sale systems are easy to use, highly functional and versatile.

Odyssey CRM

Odyssey CRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution that is easy-to-use, cloud based software for all businesses.

Odyssey Jobcards

Our job card system is a feature rich powerful software application, which allow an unlimited number of stock items per job card.

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